quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

A New Season

   After a tragedy here in Rio ( monday night rained the same volume in three hours that would rain in one month and the city became a KAOS. We are already with 178 deaths because of the rain) I'm back at our blog. My internet connection didn’t work until last night. But now we’re starting to get our live back so last discuss a little baseball.

   After the first series is still to early to say who is the best team. Who got the best bats. And the best pitchers staff. But we can start to look a few things this week.

   Once again look likes the Yankees and the Red Sox will have a great team. The Yankees let Damon and World Series MVP Matsui walk but got a great centerfield in Granderson and a on-base machine in Nick Johnson ( he is a freak…he doesn’t have a single hit yet but got on base 6 times on five walk and one HBP). The new fourth pitcher didn’t even start and we know that this team will be a very hard team to someone win. The Red Sox on the other hand just showed the new Sox. Defense defense defense. Their attack still don’t put to much fear on the other side. The two guys that the others team should fear are Youk and Martinez. I don’t know if is bias (i made no secret that I'm a Yankees fan) but unless their trio of starters (Beckett, Lester and Lackey) have a healthy and good season or they will be in trouble to score a lot of runs. And if that happen Tampa will be right there to take the wild card and go to the playoffs. They have a really talent team and one extra motivation: this is the last year for Crawford and Pena at Tampa.

   On the others division looks like will be a competition between Twins and White Sox and between Angels and Texas. On the national league the Phillies, Cardinals and Giants look good and i believe the wild card will go to the Dodgers.

Last this season bring to us a great year !

Author comment: when the season got on motion I’ll start to talk a little bit more about the others team but always with The Yankees having priority.

segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

New Blog

    After four months without writing I finally will be able to dedicate myself to the blog again. I went through some problems and couldn’t run the blog the way I wanted. But thankfully now I can.
    But we are going to have some diferences this year. First of all the blog will be english only from now on. It was getting to confuse with two languages ( i can’t promise right now but i’ll try to put a portuguese one in the future).
   Second of is that Renato will be a little abscent of the blog. He got a new job and had to move to another state so it will be a little dificult to him to follow everything. Don’t worry i’ll try to make him write here a least once a week ( let’s be honest his the artist i’m just the fan).
   Third of is that now the blog will focus in Baseball more than the others sports. To be honest baseball was the sport that drived me to create the blog so I’ll give emphasis to that. The others sports will have a weekly column.
   I hope everybody enjoy the new blog and can help me do a place were we can discuss and really enjoy talk.
Tomorrow i’ll do a recap of Baseball Openning Day....Hope you guys enjoy…..see you tomorrow.

We are getting Back !!!

Hey everybody...after almost four months without posting here we're coming back to our blog. Some changes will happen but i'll explain everything later. I just want to say that I'm thrill to write again !!!! See you guys later....

sexta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2009

Colunas / Coluns

Galera, devido a um problema técnico não teve coluna da NBA ontem. Ela será postada amanhã junto com a coluna da MLB.

Desculpas pelo atraso!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everybody, do to a tecnical problem we didn't have the NBA colun yesterday. The NBA and MLB coluns will be post tomorrow .

Sorry for the problem !!!!

quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2009

Week 9 Ranking

1- Colts;

They’re undefeated, but for a couple of games now don’t look as good as 8-0 should. Only one TD pass in the last two games for Peyton Manning shows how strange it is right now. Yet, they keep winning and still have 8 more weeks to make things right for playoffs.

2- Saints;

For some reason media’s predicted them to loose this week to a 3-4 team. They won and New England Patriots seem the only obstacle to a perfect season. If they managed to get undefeated till there, we’ll probably have the best game of the season as Brady and Co try to remain the only ones to go 16-0 in a season.

3- Vikings;

Bye week must have been all about getting Adrian Peterson more involved.

4- Steelers;

The defending champions jus won for fifth time in the last five games. Watch out contenders and don’t throw deep on them. It’s a mistake Kyle Orton won’t make again.

5- Patriots;

I don’t know, Tom Brady is not the same, but they make everyone in the league scared about facing them in January. 8 more weeks to get things going like is 2007 again.

6- Broncos;

But this cinderela got to midnight. Playoffs stil possible tough.

7- Bengals;

That was a ugly win, but as long as they keep winning people should take them seriously.

8- Falcons;

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 NFC champion. As for now, they should be respected but I’m not counting them to go very far.

9- Cowboys;

Another win against a good team, but still a step behind the eight ahead. Tony Romo is showing some constancy. Let’s see if he can play like this in the postseason.

10- Eagles;

They need Brian Westbrook healthy if they wanna get somewhere. Against Dallas other than Westbrook, McNabb was missing a little luck too.

11- Charges;

I’m not convinced. The only thing I’m believe is that Laidanian Tomlinson is dead and for some reason another person is playing with his jersey and helmet.

12- Cardinals;

Larry Fitzgerald is ridiculous. Number one receiver in the planet. By far. Kurt Warner would be retired if it wasn’t for this guy.

13- Ravens;

The best word to describe this team?? Crazy!! You never know which Ravens will show up. We only know they have zero chances of making to the Super Bowl.

14- Texans;

They proved nobody can sleep on them, but they’ll need a strong second half to get to the playoffs.

15- Giants;

They’re just a mess right now. After four straight losses post-season will be in front of a TV for them.

16- Dolphins;

Though loss to New England, but this is a good team that can beat every team in the league. They’ll probably be the best team that won’t make the playoffs.

17- Jets;

They’re coming out of bye week and need to win at least 6 games. That’s very hard but future looks nice after a good rookie season by Mark Sanchez.

18- Packers;

The biggest pretenders of this season. They won’t make to postseason and should begin thinking of how they’re going to give Aaron Rodgers more protection next year.

19- Bears;

Season is over sooner than they though.

20- 49ers;

Four loses in a row means playoffs is getting far away. It’s a young team and the future is bright for them, so don’t worry by now 49ers fans.

21- Panthers;

The good news is that they had a legit chance to win against maybe the best team in the league. The bad news is that they lost anyway. A 6-10 will probably be the best they can get now.

22- Jaguars;

This doesn’t seem the team that made the playoffs a couple of years ago. This year they have no chance.

23- Seahawks;

A victory over Detroit means nothing, they still stink. Talking about that, what happened to Edgerin James? Does anyone regret more leaving a team like him leaving Indianapolis?

24- Bills;

They had a bye week and nobody noticed.

25- Titans;

Vince Young numbers aren’t good, but Titans’ with him are. I don’t care if Chris Johnson is running more than Usain Bolt, cause with Collins they lost 6 games. Maybe all Vince Young do is winning football games.

26- Redskins;

Considering how good they were (none), loosing Clinton Portis probably won’t make a difference. Another win maybe won’t come until next season.

27- Raiders;

I just hope they’re watching a lot of college football, cause they’ll need a great draft to turn things around.

28- Buccaneers;

Congratulations for the first win. Enjoy and don’t expect another one this season.

29- Browns;

Same as Oakland. Hopeless for 2009.

30- Rams;

Being the favorite team of all the others team in the league isn’t good. Everybody can’t wait to meet with them, cause that’s a guaranteed win. Poor Steven Jackson, he’s the best player of the six bottom teams.

31- Chiefs;

You know they already gave up on this season and started rebuilding after releasing Larry Johnson. I wonder if Matt Cassel miss being on the bench of a winning team.

32- Lions.

It’s not that they’re bad. It’s that they need to improve a lot before we get to call them a bad team.

terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009

NFL Week 9

Week results:

Top 3 games:

  1. Cowboys @ Eagles
  2. Dolphins @ Patriots
  3. Charges @ Giants
Ps: Tomorrow we'll have the week ranking ( Ranking da semana amanhã)

Gold Gloves 2009

American League

C Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins)
1B Mark Teixeira (New York Yankees)
2B Placido Polanco ( Detroit Tigers)
3B Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay Rays)
SS Derek Jeter (New York Yankees)
OF Torii Hunter ( LA Angels)
OF Ichiro Suzuki (Seatle Mariners)
OF Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles)
P Mark Buehrle (Chicago White Sox)


National League

C Yadier Molina (St. Louis Cardinals)
1B Adrian Gonzalez (San Diego Padres)
2B Orlando Hudson (LA Dodgers)
3B Ryan Zimmerman (Washington Nationals)
SS Jimmy Rollins (Philadelphia Phillies)
OF Shane Victorino (Philadelphia Phillies)
OF Michael Bourn (Houston Astros)
OF Matt Kemp (LA Dodgers)
P Adam Wainwright (St. Louis Cardinals)

segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009

Novas Colunas

Começando essa semana, faremos colunas para cada esporte separadamente.

  1. Toda terça-feira teremos uma coluna sobre a NFL. Será um revisão da semana anterior, com seus resultados, posição na tabela e os três melhores jogos da semana.
  2. Quinta-feira será o dia da NBA. Mesmo esquema. Resultados, classificação e os 5 melhores jogos da semana.
  3. A MLB terá sua coluna no sábado. Começaremos falando do mercado dos free agents e quando a temporada começar, passaremos para resultados…

Isso não quer dizer que pararemos com as postagens com opiniões. Elas continuarão.

Se alguém tiver alguma dúvida é só deixar um comentário aqui ou mandar um e-mails para mim (Pedro) ou para o Renato.

New Columns

Starting this week we’re going to do columns to every sports separate.

  1. Every Tuesday we’re going to have a column about NFL. This will be a recap of the prior week with all results, standing and best three games of the week.
  2. Thursday will the day for the NBA. Same thing. Results, standings and best 5 games of the week.
  3. MLB will get a column on Saturday. We are going to start with the HOT STOVE and when the season start we’ll go to results….

That doesn’t mean that the posts we our opinion will stop. We’ll keep doing the same kind a post too.

If you guys have any doubt leave a comment in this post or send a email for me ( Pedro) or to Renato.

domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009


A nova temporada da NBA começou e já me desmentiu em algumas de minhas previsões. Aqui vão alguns pensamentos sobre o que vimos até agora:

Quem tá quente:

. A defesa do Boston Celtics tá limitando os oponentes a 84.37 pontos por jogo com uma margem de diferença de +14.12 pontos por jogo. Eles são o melhor time da liga no momento, mas sabemos que a temporada é longa e este time é bem velho. Porém, a mais jovem estrela do elenco (Rajon Rondo) melhora a cada jogo, e não se surpreendam se ele se tornar o cara deste time durante a temporada.

. Os atuais campeões continuam dominando apesar da ausência de Pau Gasol. Uma semana e Ron Artest tá só contribuindo. Tá levando mais tempo que eu imaginava pra ele implodir este time de dentro.

. Miami tem D. Wade e um bom técnico e tá 5-1.Mike Brown deveria pedir algumas dicas a Spoelstra.

Quem tá frio:

. Se a temporada continuar deste jeito pra Cleveland, então Lebron já tá fora. Essa semana ele teve um grande jogo contra o Knicks e depois do jogo vimos um cara descontente dando entrevista. Aproveitem enquanto podem torcedores dos Cavs. Neste mesmo jogo, Chris Rock sugeriu que Cleveland trocasse Lebron pra pegar o máximo possível em troca. Esta foi a coisa mais idiota ou brilhante que já ouvi na minha vida, ainda não decidi.

. A carreira de Allen Iverson acabou. Ele talvez ainda seja um dos melhores jogadores da liga, mas se você procurar, é bem difícil achar um time pra ele. O salário é de apenas 3.1 milhões de dólares, mas está velho para times em construção e significa confusão demais para os times lutando por uma vaga nos playoffs. Ele nem pode ser trocado até 15 de dezembro, o que o torna ainda mais difícil de trocar. Imagine um armador que jogou menos de 100 minutos nos últimos 10 meses. Ele estaria ganhando ritmo durante os jogos mais importantes da temporada. É tudo muito triste. Eu odeio Pistons e Grizzlies. Eu amaldiçoarei ambas a suas casas.

. Eu disse que esse Utah Jazz não me enganaria. Perder pro Kings em casa é horrível e não importa se ganharam dos Spurs.

. New York e New Jersey mal podem esperar pelo verão. Alguém só os lembre que Lebron e Wade querem um anel.


NBA new season started and proved me wrong on some of my predicitions. Here are some thoughts on what we’ve seen.

Who’s HOT:

. Boston Celtics defense is limiting opponents to 84.37 points per game with a difference margin of + 14.12 points per game. They’re the best team in the league right now, but it’s a long season and they’re very old as we all know. Although,the young stud on the team (Rajon Rondo) looks better each day and don’t be surprised if he becomes the go to guy on this team during the season.

. The defending champions are dominating once again even without Pau Gasol. One week and Artest is only contributing. It’s taking longer then I thought for him to break this team from the inside.

. Miami got D. Wade and a good coach and are 5-1. Mike Brown should get a few tips from Spoelstra.

Who’s NOT:

. If the season continue this way for Cleveland, then Lebron is so gone. This week he had a great game against the Knicks but we saw in the post game interview a unhappy guy. Enjoy it while you can Cavs’ fans. During that game Chris Rock suggested Cleveland should trade him and get anything possible. That’s either the most stupid or brilliant thing I ever heard.

. Allen Iverson career is over. He still may be one the best players in the game, but if you look around it’s really hard finding a place for him. He’s current salary is only 3.1 millions, but he’s old for teams rebuilding and he’s too much trouble for teams looking for a playoffs spot. He can’t even be traded until december 15 what makes him even more untradeable. Imagine a 34 years old shooting guard playing less than 100 minutes over a 10 months span. He would be finding he’s rhythm during the most important games of regular season. It’s too sad. I hate Pistons and Grizzlies. I’ll put a curse on both of your houses.

. I told this Utah Jazz team woulnd’t fool me. Loosing at home to the Kings is awfull, I don’t even care if they won against San Antonio.

. New York and New Jersey can’t wait for summer one week into new season. Someone just remember them Lebron and Wade want rings.